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bespoke planting schemes

As well as garden designing, we also offer a bespoke planting plan service, along with the supply of all plants, shrubs and trees and annual plant care advice for each plant we offer. 

Sometimes our customers just want help putting together that perfect planting scheme for their garden. Structural landscaping has set the back-drop, but how do you create that perfect finish using plants, shrubs and trees? Well, first we arrange an initial consultation to discuss the style, look and feel you are trying to achieve from your outdoor space through planting. Also, we talk through the level of maintenance that you want to put in, and the budget that you want to work with. They we work on choosing the right plants for your specifications, and creating a planting list complete with sizes and quantities, along with a fully detailed visual plan of your garden, to scale, and clearly showing each plant and how it will fit within the space. The plan contains details of each plant's preferences and care needs, such as whether they prefer full sunshine or acidic soil and how often they like to be pruned, so that you can ensure that they are as healthy and well looked after as possible. 

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