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Lawn Strip


Laying cultivated turf in your garden is an almost instant way of creating a beautiful, mature lawn without the time consuming and often inconvenient process of sowing grass seed.

We take pride in laying turf to the highest standard, ensuring that the ground is properly prepared for the new turf to get the best possible start in life and to allow it to form strong, long-lasting root meshes. We will clear the area to be turfed, then level and use a machine called a rotorvator to ensure that the soil is aerated and free from all stones, weeds, debris and old turf.

We then rake a premium, high-quality fertilizer into the soil to help the new turf to become strong and healthy once it is laid. We use turf which is renowned for its high quality grade and durability. Most commonly picked amongst our customers is turf which is hard wearing, slow growing, easy to maintain, as well as being drought and shade tolerant.

We are also skilled at laying artifical turf - a fast, increasingly popular way to create a no-hassle, no-fuss lawn which is perfect for kids to play on or just to create that 'perfect' turfed look all year round.

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