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Varnishing the Deck


Decking is an instant way to transform your garden into somewhere stylish and practical. Whether you decide to go for hard wood or soft wood, or even use low maintenance composite decking boards, decking is perfect for creating everything from an outdoor seating space to raised planters, steps or walkways.

We think we have a flair for using decking boards in such a way to enhance your garden to its maximum potential. Despite decking being a relatively simple structure to create, there is no denying that it is one of the most popular services that we provide. We have plenty of experience in creating decking for dining areas, children play areas, building steps, providing access to other areas of the house/garden, adding height and incorporating all of the above with a beautiful planting scheme. Decking can be as flexible as you need it to be, and we love talking through ideas with our customers to find the right designs for your garden.

We have a wealth of experience working with softwood, hardwood and composite decking boards and timber. We have used them traditionally to create decking areas, but also as cladding, seating areas and as benches. Decking is extremely versatile, and often provides a wonderful contrast to structural and striking planting designs. 

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