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'Woodland Fall'

APL Avenue 
BBC Gardeners World Live 2021

Gold Medal, Best Show Garden and people's Choice winners. 


the inspiration...

We were tasked to design and create a garden drawn from the notion of 'A Very British Affair' for this years BBC Gardeners World Live event. Together with Tony Nutley of Antony Lionel Garden Design, we concocted 'Woodland Fall' - a garden that takes character from the quintessential English countryside; its ancient woodlands and its wet, lush habitats. We have even included a constantly dripping rain curtain infront of the stunning moss wall, because lets face it - its often raining here in the UK!

  The water in the garden then travels across the table top and cascades down in front of the limestone cladding, and along the rill adorned by vibrant woodland planting. It eventually reaches a tranquil pool centred by a Corten steel fire pit where it can be enjoyed from the rustic curved oak benches.



This is TAW Garden Landscapes' first show garden design and build experience. We were thrilled to be chosen by the Association of Professional Landscapers to create this garden at the NEC in Birmingham, and it has been an absolute pleasure to turn this space from Tony's idea into a reality. Tony and Tom have worked tirelessly to bring this garden together, from enlisting the help of our generous sponsors to spending countless hours juggling logistics, budgets and the build itself to ensure the garden is materialised in time for the judges and the public to see our work. 

The build has been two weeks long, working long days with the skill and support of our hard-working and talented team who have travelled from Surrey to be part of this project. We have also had some amazing help from Kat and Tom from Plants For Design who selected, delivered and planted the trees and plants for 'Woodland Fall'. 

We are a small but growing family-run company, and we hope to continue to create beautiful, elegant spaces like this one in homes across the south east. 

Generously sponsored by...


Hard landscaping materials 


Our garden's main feature is clad using tumbled yellow sandstone cladding. It is a natural, earthy stone which reflects light and texture back into the garden. The straight, horizontal lines contrast the soft curves of Scotch pebbles which fill the rill and pool. 

Hard landscaping materials 


The garden is paved using antique yellow limestone paving slabs. This natural stone has warm yellow/grey tones and tumbled edges to create that weathered, worn-in feel we wanted for the space. This slab is also very afforsdable, meaning that the garden can be built to a more modest budget. 


All of the hard landscaping materials in 'Woodland Fall' were generously donated and delivered by Kebur Garden Materials. 


the plants


The planting in this space is inspired by the fresh and vibrant tones of the British woodland. We have chosen to use feathery, soft textured plants alongside broad-leaved species to create a diverse and interesting garden habitat just as you would in a completely wild environment. Strong shots of purple, lilac and pink look striking against the neutral tones of the paving and cladding. Silver birch and cherry trees provide a canopy over the garden, creating shade and seclusion, as well as a welcome resting spot for birds and other wildlife. Bee's have been a constant in this space since our build began thanks to the lure of pollen-rich plant varieties aplenty. 

We have been supported on this journey by Plants For Design, who are a specialised plant-sourcing company based in Hampshire. Their help to both source the plants and help to plant them in the garden has been invaluable. 

All trees were sourced from Hilliers Trees, and all plants were grown and delivered by North Hill Nurseries and Jacksons of Chobham, both based locally to us in Surrey.  


'Woodland Fall' plant list


Actaea simplex Brunette

Agastache Blue Fortune

Astrantia major Star of Billion

Gaura lind. Karalee White

Lobelia x spec. Hadspen Purple

Lythrum virgatum Dropmore Purple

Molinia caerulea Edith Dudszus

Molinia caerulea Heidebraut

Molinia caerulea Moorhexe

Orlaya grandiflora

Salvia nemorosa Caradonna

Verbena bonariensis

Asplenium (Phyllitis) Scolopendron

Athyrium Niponicum Pictum

Dryopteris Wallichiana

Pennisetum Hameln

Salvia Caradonna

Tiarella Pink Skyrocket

Geranium Rozanne

Scabiosa Clive Greaves

Scabiosa Kudo white

Anemone Honorine Jobert

Hosta Francee

Hosta Patriot

Matteuccia Struthiopteris

Hydrangea Kyushu

Sambucus Black Lace

Hydrangea Pan. Confetti

Myrtus Communis


the features

moss wall

We wanted the 'window' that looks out from the garden to mimic the rolling hills that often line the edges of great British woodlands. The stunning moss feature wall was kindly created for us by Reindeer Moss Art, and is fronted by a constantly dripping curtain of 'rain' as is so often the case in nature! The piece creates interest and texture whilst you sit and dine at the raised seating area, maybe enjoying a glass or two of English sparkling wine...

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