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garden maintenance

Having us create you a beautiful garden is one thing, but maintaining it and keeping it looking at its best is a whole seperate ball game. 

Our skilled and experienced garden maintenance crew can trim, mow, plant, snip, sweep and strim your garden to perfection on a regular basis, or even just visit you for a one-off tidy up...


They can help you to come up with vivid planting schemes, and know what plants to put where to maximise your garden to its full potential and show off it's beautiful new landscaping. They can help with anything from mowing your lawn, to planting borders to pruning back trees and shrubs at the correct time of the year. All our knowledge and expertise will mean that you get to enjoy your garden whilst it thrives in tip top condition. 

If you would like us to come and take a look at your garden and give you a free quote for maintaining it, then please do get in touch, especially now that spring has finally sprung - this is the best time to prune and prepare you garden so that it will thrive throughout the year. 

We are able to offer both regular visits and one-off maintenance sessions, if you just need a little extra help to get started, or some expertise on an ongoing basis. Drop us an email or give us a call to get some advice and a quotation, no matter how long you would like us to help you for. We offer one day/half day clearances and tidy-up sessions, as well as by the hour. 

t: 07766 652735

would you like to book a free consultation or quote?

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