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BBC Gardeners World Live 2021
'Woodland Fall'

Best Show Garden, Gold Medal, and People's Choice Award winners 

Image by Annie Spratt


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  1. Dig over empty borders and prepare your soil for next year’s planting.

  2. Group potted plants together in a sheltered spot in the garden to protect them from the harshest winter weather.

  3. Look after the birds - clean feeders, stock up on wild bird food and make sure they have access to fresh water.

  4. Prune climbing roses now, removing diseased or damaged growth and tying in any new shoots to their support. Prune older flowered side shoots back by two thirds of their length.

  5. Leave the faded flower heads on your hydrangeas until spring, as they provide frost protection to the swelling buds further down the stems.

  6. Now is the perfect time to prune fruit trees to maintain an open, balanced structure and encourage quality fruit production. The exception is plums, cherries and other stone fruits that should not be pruned until the summer to prevent silver leaf fungus. Use clean, sharp secateurs to avoid damaging your trees.

  7. If it's a mild winter, continue to cut the lawn as it grows, but raise the height of the mower blades.

  8. Keep clearing leaves off the lawn to let the light in and prevent dead patches appearing.

  9. Repair fences and apply a wood preservative to prevent them from rotting.

  10. Check tree ties and stakes to ensure that trees are still secure following strong autumn winds. Tighten or loosen ties as necessary.

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