gardeners world live 2020

We are so excited to have been chosen to build our show garden 'A Very British Affair' at BBC Gardeners World Live 2020 at the NEC in Birmingham! It's very unfortunate that the show will now be postponed due to the outbreak of Covid-19, we are eagerly waiting to hear the new dates but are as excited as ever for this amazing event to go ahead. We have worked in collaboration with Tony from Antony Lionel Garden Design to create this design which we hope will wow visitors to the event later this year. Our teams will be busy for around four weeks prior to the event, working hard to turn this design into a reality. 

The garden is compact yet beautiful, incorporating a living-moss wall, rain curtain and dining area, all tied together by a water rill which takes the flow of water to a seating area around a fire-pit and moat.

Watch out on our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on the build!

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our gardening tips for


  1. Make sure you are keeping your plants nice and watered! Try to be economical with water use - collect rainwater where possible and use a sprinkler to evenly water lawn areas if required in the evenings when the water won't be evaporated so quickly by the sun. 

  2. Hoe beds regularly to ensure weeds don't have a chance to take hold. It is good to stay on top of this before they have a chance to produce seeds. 

  3. Keep on top of lawn mowing - don't let them get too long as this can really effect the quality of the grass and starves some of light at the base of the blades. 

  4. Prune back wisterias. 

  5. Collect seeds from garden flowers as they are produced - you can allow them to self-sow if you wish, or collect them to store or to sow whenever you'd like! 

  6. Position summer planters and hanging baskets to add colour and interest to you garden. 

  7. Dead-head flowering plants to encourage more flowers as the season progresses. 

  8. Now is a safe time to prune back shrubs that have already flowered to ensure they keep their shape and don't get too woody, and have a lovely flush of flowers for the next season. 

  9. Keep ponds and water baths topped up for wildlife to make use of. 

  10. Keep rhododendrons and camellias well watered as they are producing buds ready for the next season of flowers. 

Covid-19 update

Here at TAW Garden Landscapes we are trying hard to operate during this unsettling time as best we can. Our main concern is to limit the spread of the virus, so we have taken enhanced measures to adhere to government social distancing regulations, and to strictly comply with PHE's advice and guidelines for outdoor working during this time. This is to keep both our customers and our staff safe. 

From March 30th 2020 and until the social distancing rules are lifted we will be: 

  • Working in small teams only 


    Not able to accept food or drink from our customers 


    Working a minimum of 2m apart from each other at any given time 

  • Regularly hand-wash and use of antibacterial hand gel while on site 

  • Wipe down tools regularly using anti-bacterial spray 

  • Adhering to strict social distancing rules while carrying out onsite consultations and quotes

If you or anyone in your household is displaying symptoms of Covid-19 then we ask that you let us know as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding. 

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