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our gardening tips for November...

  1. As the cooler weather starts to draw in, now is a great time to prepare the garden for spring. Plant spring flowering bulbs like daffodils and tulips now so they can be ready for a pop of colour come the warmer months next year. 

  2. Continue to feed and dead-head flowering perennials and containers plants, as well as those in hanging baskets, so that they can continue flowering until the first frosts. 

  3. Raise pots off the ground using feet or pieces of wood. 

  4. Clear away dying leaves and rotting fruit from vegetables and fruit plants to make sure that new fruit get maximum light. 

  5. Take rotting fruit off fruit tress to stop them spreading disease to the rest of the plant. 

  6. Now is a good time to aerate lawns and clear away moss and weeds to make sure they don't get water-logged as we head towards wetter months after being tightly compacted, hard and dry over the summer.

  7. Use a quality lawn-fertiliser which is low in notrogen and high in potassium at this time of year. 

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