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We are so excited to have been chosen to build our show garden 'A Very British Affair' at BBC Gardeners World Live at the NEC in Birmingham! 2020's event was postponed due to the outbreak of Covid-19, but this amazing event has now been re-scheduled for August 2021. We have worked in collaboration with Tony from Antony Lionel Garden Design to create this design, which we hope will wow visitors at the event later this year. Our teams will be busy for around four weeks prior to the show, working hard to turn this design into a reality. 

The garden is compact yet beautiful - it is based on the great British woodland, incorporating a living-moss wall, rain curtain and dining area, all tied together by a water rill which takes the flow of water to a seating area around a fire-pit and moat.

Watch out on our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on the build!

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  1. The days are getting longer! And the weather is more settled, with the risk of cold nights or even late frosts behind us. Now is the time to start really embracing the imminent summer weather...

  2. Summer bedding pants can now be planted out into beds ready for a beautiful display throughout the summer. 

  3. resit temptation to cut back finished spring flowering bulbs - ket them die down naturally and water with a fertiliser to help next years show become even more striking. 

  4. Remember to open and ventilate greenhouses as the temperatures start to rise, we use automatic opening systems which can easily and relatively cheaply be purchased at your local garden centre. 

  5. Divide herbaceous perennials for your borders to create new plants. 

  6. tie in rambling plants such as sweet peas and roses to encourage them to climb. Laying stems horizontally can also encourage flowering. 

  7. Trim back lavender plants, including around 1inch of new growth to stop them becoming 'woody'. 

  8. May is a great month to apply a lawn weed-killer to keep on top of any unwanted specimens before they take hold. 

  9. Feed lawns with a high-nitrogen fertiliser to encourage strong growth. 

  10. Lower mower blades a little more to gradually resume their lowest summer setting by the end of the month. 

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