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'Woodland Fall'

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  1. April is an exciting time as we look ahead to the new year of growth. It is a great idea to import a layer of well-rotted manure compost into your beds and turn into the soil in preparation for planting. 

  2. It may be April but the showers haven't arrived yet! Make sure that you are watering pots and planters, as well as thirsty laws as they are all growing rapidly and currently don't have too much to drink with the dry, warm weather we are experiencing. 

  3. Feed bushes such as camellias, rhododendrons, roses and fuchsias with a slow-release fertiliser to ensure healthy growth and flowers throughout the season. 

  4. Check tree ties to make sure they are not too tight on the trunks of trees you planted last year or the year before. 

  5. Trim winter-flowering heathers to ensure they don't get too leggy. 

  6. Tie in climbers like honey suckle and clematis as they start to grow to ensure they don't wander too far off course. 

  7. Tulips and daffodils can be dead-headed as the flowers fade, but leave the foliage intact to die back naturally. 

  8. Give your lawn some love, scarify out and dead thatch and top-dress and over-seed any bare patches. 

  9. Apply a high-nitrogen spring fertiliser to lawns to get them off to a strong season. Remember to water them well too! 

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