BBC Gardeners World Live 2021
'Woodland Fall'

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  1. January is an exciting time as we look ahead to the new year of growth. Mostly it is an important time to keep things trim and tidy. Now is a great time to prune back rose bushes, cutting back branches just before a bud. 

  2. Trim back wispy wisteria branches leaving 2/3 buds for new spring growth. 

  3. You can now trim back ornamental grasses, encouraging new growth. A few centimetre from the ground is fine. 

  4. You can remove old leaves from hellebores to expose buds for new spring flowers, giving them maximum light. 

  5. Apple and pear trees can be cut back while they are still dormant, to encourage new growth and fruit production and also to keep a good shape. 

  6. Don't forget to feed the birds! They will appreciate clean drinking water and high-fat options like seed balls. 

  7. If you plan to order seeds and grow veggies this year then now is a great time to sit and make a planner of what you'd like to produce. 

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